Who Wants to Go to a Study Skills Class?

I frequently hear from parents who say, "My daughter/son really needs your course, but doesn't want to go." I totally understand. The truth is, most kids would never choose to go to a study skills class on their own.

They think it will be boring, or filled with kids who are doing better/worse than they are, or that it will have homework. They believe it will be more of the same old thing they experience all day long in school, or that the teacher will be mean or boring. Some are getting good grades, and can’t imagine why they need to go. Or, they have gotten so frustrated by tests, they simply don't want to think about it. (I know all of this because I have asked students in my class what their expectations were before they took the class.)

The truth is, the course is not what they expect, and the consistent feedback I get from parents is that their children really enjoy the course. It is highly interactive, and the focus is on the kids, not on the tests. So, parents have to make the decision in order to have them in the classroom. After the first class, they are fine. My greatest compliment seems to be, “You know, this isn’t as bad as I thought!”

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