Why Didn't I Know This Sooner?

by Betty Caldwell

That was the question that suddenly arose in my High School Summer Study Skills Camps in August.  It was voiced with considerable anguish, and I was surprised at the level of strong, instant agreement from the rest of the class.  I asked them to tell me more.  On the last day, I invited class members to put in writing what difference it would have made if they had known about their learning style and the related study skills earlier in their school life. Here are some of their responses:

  • My test scores would have most likely been better, my work progress more efficient, and my confidence would be most likely higher;
  • I would have completed my homework in 10th grade without  procrastination;
  • I would definitely have studied harder, actually tried to study, wouldn’t have gotten so stressed out, and understood the right way to take tests that is suited to me; 
  • My grades would have surely gotten better. The studying habits before this course didn’t go too well, and poor studying led to poor grades. My teachers and I didn’t communicate that well and as a result of poor communication, my grades would suffer, as I didn’t know what they looked for on tests, projects, etc. I now know why I learn differently than my friends and why we are good at different subjects;
  • My mom always told me to study harder. I would study for multiple hours but still not get the result I wanted. Now, I know how to study smarter, not harder.
  • I would have not been so hard on myself when I did poorly on a test, because I would know why, and I would know how I could help myself;



Every Stressless Tests® student learns three very powerful life lessons:


  • Their unique learning strengths that are not validated in the classroom and how to use them to their benefit,
  • How their brain habitually works to process information and why that impacts learning, getting organized,  and testing, and
  • How to engage additional already-existing brain strengths as needed. This is revolutionary!



  • Sign up your student for a class as soon as possible. Don’t wait until they are academically overwhelmed. Middle School parents, don’t wait until your student is in High School.
  • Read What’s My Style? so you understand how you can more effectively support your student. You may be surprised at what you learn.  Go to http://www.stresslesstests.org/book to order your copy either in paperback or eBook format.
  • Order my PowerPoint presentation to provide specific internet- based study tools that perfectly complement the skills, strategies and knowledge of the Study Skills class. Go to http://www.stresslesstests.org/advanced-workshop to order your copy at a reduced rate.


Please pass this on to other teachers, parents, students and others that you believe would be interested. Let me hear from you!

For more information, go to www.Stresslesstests.org.


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